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The Condo Guy Weekend Recap: Episode 7

Town & Country 

Living in Greater Burlington provides the joys of a vibrant small city with cultural offerings that believe its tiny population and pristine nature filled with rolling mountains, dense woods and meandering rivers only short distances from each other. This past weekend I took in some live music in Burlington on Friday night and headed to the mountains with the family on Saturday morning. 

Moosejaws: A Rock & Roll Mythology by Stolk

After putting my son to bed, I left home at the seemingly irregular and unwholesome hour of 9pm last Friday. I made way into Burlington, to Club Metronome on Main Street. Metronome is situated at the top of a spiral staircase above the iconic nightclub, Nectars (brief real estate aside: both the nightclub and business are currently for sale. Call me for details!). Both are home to incredible live music, good times and fine drink. Club Metronome has forever embedded itself in my memory with recollections of many sweaty nights of unskilled but unforgettable dancing to 80's music at "Retronome". On Friday I was there to see MooseJaws.

I lack the journalistic skill to aptly describe the experience that is MooseJaws, so I'll keep it brief. In the quiet town of Belvidere, Vermont, there lives a demon Moose (the eponymous MooseJaws) who's awoken from his slumber by four Burlington teenagers exuding the scent of sin who've taken to a cabin in the woods for amorous adventures. Although it may sound... different, this is a tightly constructed and highly engaging hour of music. Eerie storytelling and voice tracks are mixed with full-out rock & roll with echoes of AC/DC, Devo, Weezer and absolute originality. This is Stolk's 4th performance of MooseJaws and I highly recommend you catch the next one. There are rumors of a recorded version being released in the future for which I will be on the advanced copy waiting list.

Waitsfield, Warren & Sugarbush

I awoke early with the family on Saturday and we made the trip to the Mad River Valley to visit Sugarbush Resort . It's been years since I've been to Sugarbush. I am not an avid downhill skier, lending to my general lack of coordination and inability to manage gear. I was impressed by the beautiful lodge and amenities at Lincoln Peak. Although it was an absolutely shimmering fall day, it felt like we had the place to ourselves. We hiked up ski trails on the left side of the mountain (with a 4-year-old on my shoulders part of the way for extra cardio) and on the way down we traversed through the wooded trails. I'm in awe that my fellow Vermonters navigate this violently winding and steep terrain on purposefully slick planks attached to their feet. You are superheroes to me. After our trip up the hill we had a nice picnic outside the lodge where we watched staff set up for what was sure to be a picturesque Vermont wedding.

On the way back home we stopped at Canteen Creemee Company to indulge in one last frosty treat on their final day of the season. I know it's unwise to make such a statement on the internet, but I think the Canteen Creemee is the best there is. The intensity of flavor, slight firmnes and hint of ice make for a creemee like no other. 

After skipping some rocks in the Mad River and a quick delicious coffee from the Sweet Spot we stopped at the Madsonian Musuem, a favorite of ours that offers interactive displays of everyday objects created with high design in mind.

What I'm Reading

Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon: This one is for pure pleasure. A mystery about the murder of a famous composer killed at the Venice Opera House starring the redoubtable Commissario Guido Brunetti who navigates the ancient city seeking the culprit. You can almost taste the salt air from Venice's lagoon in this atmospheric tale. 


"It must be important if remembered"


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