Privacy Policy

The Condo Guy respects the privacy of its web site visitors, clients, partners and others who may visit our website, contact us, and provide us with information so that we can communicate with them.

With that in mind, here is our privacy policy:


  • This website does not use cookies.
  • We do not use web bugs or similar tracking technology.
  • This website includes request forms and e-mail addresses by which you may choose to contact us and request access to information from us and from this website.
  • If you submit one of the forms on this website, you are giving us permission to contact you from time to time, using the contact information you provide in the form.
  • If you send us e-mail which is not unsolicited commercial e-mail (i.e. which is not spam), we will not divulge your e-mail address or the contents of your e-mail to anyone for any reason without your prior consent or unless ordered by a court to do so.
  • We wish to inform, not to annoy you. Should you request to be "unsubscribed" to any of our communiqués, we will immediately honour your request. We use our web server logs for internal analysis of traffic to this website, in order to gauge our website's effectiveness and the popularity of particular pages or documents on the website. We do not show or sell our web server logs to anyone else.
  • This website provides you with various methods by which you may contact us. We pledge that, if you use any of these published means of contacting us for legitimate business reasons, we will not attempt to prosecute you for doing so, and we will not make your personal information available to third parties without your consent.


Just as The Condo Guy respects your privacy, we ask you to respect our privacy. In particular:

  • You may not use this website to harvest e-mail addresses for the purpose of sending unsolicited commercial e-mail - to us or to anyone else.
  • You may not use the names of our clients or partners, who may be identified on this website and in our other marketing collateral, to contact them. In legitimate cases, we will provide you, upon request, with names of reference clients only once we have determined that you require the information to make an informed decision about purchasing our services, and only after we have obtained permission from those reference clients for you to contact them.
  • You may not violate the copyright of this website by reproducing it in whole or in part without our written permission to do so. If you are interested in doing so, please ask us - we often give permission for this website to be used for teaching and other honorable purposes that we support.
  • If you send unsolicited junk email to any email address, we reserve the right to:
    • Blacklist your email server without prior notification.
    • Report your email server to real-time anti-spam services.
    • Add your email address/server/IP address to our spam filters.
  • We request that you contact us for permission first prior to sending us email with attachments.

Thank you!